Prodigy Baits

Here at Poolhall fishery we stock a range of boilies and particles supplied by Prodigy Baits these have had great success for a lot of anglers coming to our lakes when all other baits have failed. Please read there story below
There story

Throughout the years fishing in general has grown massively with all sorts of products being released & promises made that will make us think we will become a better angler because of it.

We at prodigy baits first developed our range not to sell to the public but to supply our anglers who fish our lakes the quality bait that we feel the fish deserve!

With over 2 years of working with a small number of people we began creating a range of boilie & particle  that included all aspects of nutrition which our fish required, whilst creating a bait that uses all the pulling power needed  to capture the beautiful fish we all love!

Our baits contain  the proteins and nutrients that all fish require without all the unnecessary additives and fillers. Each order is carefully rolled and made completely fresh to order then shipped to the customer. With top quality ingredients used in both our boilie & our particle range  all the goodness  is locked when cooked before sealing fresh as required. We add no preservatives in our whole range because we believe with quality ingredients & the perfect blend of aromas we have created a food source for the fish whilst creating a feed & hookbait for anglers to catch the fish of there dreams! 

The extensive field testing from our team members around the uk & europe has resulted  in multiple captures!  We are now confident & positive that the  hard work has paid of and we can finally introduce ourselves to  the market. We now believe we have a bait & particle range  to rival any out there.

Tight lines and we hope to see you on the bank sometime!