Meadow Lake

This is the largest of the carp pools at 7.5 acres and consisting of 13 single pegs & 3 double pegs. The pool has recently been extended to include the island part of the lower lake which has been excavated to varying depths of 4 foot down to 9 foot. This lake is stocked with around 700 fish, containing many of the existing stock of commons. To add to this there are an abundance of new young fish which are all now over the 20lb mark. There are around 40 twenties estimated in this pool with 2 known thirties but we anticipate that this number will grow in the near future. Cats are present to around the 54lb mark. There are numerous features on this lake including large lilly pad beds, reeds, islands & silty channels. Beginning February 2014 we started reducing the stock levels in this pool, by firstly removing any fish under 12lb and moving them to the Lower Lake. This will allow for the growth of all our young fish with both the simmo commons and Furnace Mill mirrors already surpassing the 20lb mark. We will be adding some of our own young fish at regular intervals, which include commons, mirrors, fully scaled mirrors, leathers and linears.

Meadow Carp Gallery