Lower Lake

This is the first pool you see when you drive up the track. At 5 acres and consisting of only 6 single pegs & 2 double pegs, there is plenty of water for each angler to fish, depths range from 9 feet along the dam wall down to 5ft towards the temporary dam. There are plenty of reeds along both the near & far margins on the road bank pegs and along the dam wall. This pool will once again become the jewel in the crown in the next couple of years, it has a healthy stock of around 350 fish which have been hand picked from all of our other waters.  Both mirrors and commons run to just over the 30lb mark with the lake record set at 32lb 10oz, with approximately 35  twenties and many others just short of this mark. This water will defiantly be one to look out for in the near future.

Lower Lake Carp Gallery