Poolhall fishery is located at Trescott, just off the A454 Bridgnorth Road only 5 miles from Wolverhampton. Set in a beautiful quiet countryside location you would never believe you are only a stones throw from a large city. With wildlife in abundance this famous old fishery was once the home of one of the largest common carp in the Midlands with Humpy reaching just short of the 40lb mark, sadly this fish died in the early nineties. Many of the original stock of commons still exist and there are many over the 20lb mark. In addition to this, numerous new fish, both commons and mirrors have been stocked and again many now go over the 20lb mark. The fishery is split into two carp waters, The Meadow Pool which is 7.5 acres containing 13 single pegs & 3 double pegs & The Lower Lake which is 5 acres in size containing 6 single pegs & 2 double pegs, a canal style match pool and a small pleasure pool.
The fishery holds carp up to 32lb 10oz, catfish to  54lb and pike up to 20lb. There is a secure car park at the fishery and this is where you find the lodge, which is where you first report and take any advice from our friendly staff. Bait & end tackle is also on sale including our own PH boilies & our range of particles, pellets and liquids from Prodigy Particle.